Fueling the Future 


About Us


values & friends GmbH was founded in 2011, starting as a general consulting business. The founders and team have extensive backgrounds in international trade, trade finance and consulting. The company focus was shifted to the energy sector in 2017. Since then we have enabled numerous transactions and advised our customers on international transactions and on new developments in the energy field. 

We are enabling the trade of high quality middle distillate fuels and other refined products as well as gas. Our team of select specialists is located in key locations around the world, such as Berlin, London, Dubai and Rotterdam and brings together professional experience in procurement, project management, trade finance & logistics. We believe in true partnerships and cooperation. Our (slightly unusual) name reflects the business principles that we are living every day. We are developing long term relationships with our partners and we treat every partner as a friend. 

Reliability and agility are two of our core strengths that have enabled our growth over the last years in a challenging and competitive environment. The energy markets are changing very quickly as the industry transitions into an ever more sustainable future. The strengths that have brought us to where we are now will be as important in the future. With a strong and expanding core business and an established network of partners we are set up to continue the growth path we are on.

We are actively growing and maintaining a large network of international suppliers, including worldwide trading companies and refineries. We trade a wide array of gas-oils such as ULSD, base oil, marine gas-oils and fuel oils. 


Our Products

We are trading a variety of finished refined products across the barrel, i.e. Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (EN-590), and others. Please use the contact form to get in touch or call us directly.   


We are proud of our great international network of business partners, including refineries, trading companies, tank storage providers and end customers worldwide.                               

Logistics & Storage

Through our partner network, we have access to international vessels for delivery of our products and to tanks in Rotterdam and other locations.


How to find us

We are located in Berlin, approx. 40 minutes from BER airport.  

How to reach us

Tel:  +49 30 805 82-800

Fax: +49 30 80582-802